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Onboard Administrator (OA) FW 3.21 and VC Firmware 2.34

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Onboard Administrator (OA) FW 3.21 and VC Firmware 2.34

Eugen was having update issues:






I am not able to generate a valid profile at using the firmware versions below:


  • OA FW 3.21 and VC Firmware 2.34


I am using  C7000 enclosures with ProLiant BL460c G7 servers and 2x VC EtherNet Module Flex 10 in Bay one and two and 2x VCFC 8GB 24 Port Modules in Bay three and four.


The VCFC modules do not accept any firmware higher then 2.34, as they indicate the image files as not suitable and if 3.15 is applied the modules are incompatible.


Any brave ideas in the outside wide world ??


Any hints are appreciated.


I will try 3.10 tomorrow.


Best Regards




Chad replied:




Are you trying to use VCSU to update the VC modules? You have to with any 3.xx version to update them.




Eugen answered:




Yes, I used VCSU for the updates – but it did not work for the VCFC modules. 

It updated VCET to 3.15 ignored VCFC and marked them as incompatible afterwards.

I connect remotely to the enclosure as I am offsite. 

The customer is in Sweden and I am working from Germany. 

The data centre is not all the time populated!  

I used the interactive mode and no options




Chad: What was the options you used? You can try –f version,health and use –b to point directly at the modules in a single enclosure domain. I would try it not in interactive mode but with the command line, definitely using –f version,health and point at the bays if you can. You’ll probably need to reset one module at a time if that doesn’t work.


Eugen: Is that the same command line? Where need the "f" need to be in the line?


Chad: You’ll want to look at the VCSU User Guide but it would basically be: vcsu -a update -i -u Administrator -p password -vcu John -vcp vcPass -l C:\images\vcfw-120.bin -b 3 -f version,health

No –vcu or –vcp needed if it isn’t in a VC Domain yet


Eugen: It is in a domain already! Should I delete it then?


Chad: No, just need to use the –vcu and –vcp options then


Eugen: Thank you for your help, much appreciated. It worked with the non interactive version of VCSU. Talk to you soon.




Ah the sweet sound of success!!