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Onboard Administrator (OA) Firmware update failed

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Onboard Administrator (OA) Firmware update failed

Michael had a customer question when upgrading firmware:




My customer was performing a firmware update (using the latest) to the OA in preparation to support new Gen 8 blades and received the following message:


When uploading the firmware .bin file to the OA, the update failed. The System Log file indicates kernel: out of memory: Kill process...


This is a very early enclosure purchased in 2007 and the OA does not have a USB port on it.  Does this OA not support the latest firmware?   What would be the workaround in order to support  Gen 8 460s in this enclosure?




Ramesh replied:




The "Out of Memory" issue is mainly observed on G1 OA modules although it has been rarely captured on the newer DDR2 onboard administrator modules.

The Out of memory issue is caused by a kernel SLAB leak.


As best practice, the OA network should be put in a separate broadcast domain or, if user likes, on its own separate network.