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Onboard Administrator (OA) Parts compatability ?

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Onboard Administrator (OA) Parts compatability ?

Todd had a question on the OA modules:




Are the following OA modules compatible in the same C7000 Enclosure?


I can’t find a reference.


OA 414055-001 Onboard Administrator Module assembly

OA 503826-001 Onboard Administrator with KVM Option. (Option #: 456204-B21)




Monty replied:




Yes – both the c7000 original OA and the c7000 OA with KVM are supported in the same enclosure.


Since the OA with KVM has additional hardware features – such as faster CPU, Gigabit Management Port and the VGA connector for KVM – the customer might want to set that OA as the active OA.


In addition, the minimum firmware version supported on both the original and OA with KVM is 2.41.


Also, one of the OA features – firmware sync, is not possible between mixed OA modules, you must update the OA from the OA firmware file.  All OA firmware files from 2.41 onward include the ability to update both the c7000 original OA and OA with KVM.




Any additional questions or comments?