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Onboard Administrator (OA) Questions

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Onboard Administrator (OA) Questions

Thomas had two Onboard Adminitrator (OA) questions:




Two OA questions:

  • Previously I have only seen the OAs hardware with B (B1 B2, and B3) designations. Is the “A” designation a result of a firmware update?
  • Seeing OA hardware versions listed as A0 (Gen1 enclosure non-KVM) and A1 (shipped with a Gen3 enclosure). Alert mail from the OA is being sent only at midnight, and I can’t find a way to configure this. Is there one?





Input from Dan:




1. This information comes directly from the FRU data programmed in the OA HW modules itself as opposed to be generated by the OA firmware.  If the HW version is being reported as “A1” then this must be what was programmed when the OA module was built.


2. Alertmail does not have a “digest” option.  When configured, alert emails will be generated as the corresponding event occurs.  There are no known OA firmware issues related to delayed reporting of alert emails.  The only theories on why one would only see alert emails at midnight is that 1) the “alertable” event is occurring at that time or 2) the smtp server is not forwarding the email until then for some reason (this is utter speculation on my part). 





Dennis Handly
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Re: Onboard Administrator (OA) Questions

>2) the SMTP server is not forwarding the email until then for some reason


Looking at the timestamps of the mail headers may provide a clue.