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Onboard Administrator (OA) SSH access for non admin account

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Onboard Administrator (OA) SSH access for non admin account

Customer question from Richard:






Any suggestions for this CU question  below regarding SSH OA access?  From what I see this is only for the administrator account.  Any options?  Thanks



We can only ssh into the OA using the "Administrator"

account, which has full privs.


We want to allow a different (non admin) user to ssh to the platform to be able to dump config elements or log entries.  Is that possible via ssh?

Any attempt to configure an ssh key (or dump it) for another user gives:


This command is reserved for the 'Administrator' account.


Is there any way around this?




Reply from Anita:




This is for security reasons.  The Administrator account is the only one who can manage keys.


The documentation explains the capabilities for the different types of users. Please refer to the following document: page 17.


You can create a local user with OA scope and they should be able to log in and dump configurations, log entries and view the OA settings.