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Onboard Administrator(OA) failover on Link Loss?

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Onboard Administrator(OA) failover on Link Loss?

Rob had an interesting question on OA failover:


Can we do any kind of failover of an OA under any loss of network scenario?


Ken had a response:

We used to be able to failover if we lost connectivity on servers with the Intelligent Network Pack, but that was discontinued.


Now we can only failover on Link Loss.  That’s why Link State Tracking or SmartLink is so important.


Link Loss failover is an option in OA under Enclosure Settings.  Here’s the description for the OA screen:


Link Loss Failover will enable the Standby Onboard Administrator to monitor the network link status of the Active module. If the Active module loses its network link for a period of time and the Standby has reported a good link during the same time span, an automatic OA failover will occur. The interval before an automatic failover is performed can be defined below.
Note:  Link Loss Failover settings can be configured even if the enclosure has no management redundancy. The settings will not take effect unless a redundant Onboard Administrator is present.



Any other methods you have used to move the active OA to the standby? let us know.