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Onboard Administrator (OA) firmware - C3000

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Onboard Administrator (OA) firmware - C3000

Rick had a firmware update question:






I have a customer installing G7 blades inside his C3000 and C7000’s. This thread is addressing C3000 and the below is needing some clarification.


Is the actual firmware version required to run G7 blades 3.0, and the 3.20 is the online Windows package that actually installs 3.0 ?


I am assuming this is the case. Just need a quick confirmation.




Hoa answered:




Hi Rick,


Here’s the OA revision level link


As to your question 3.0 and above support G7 server.


When you use Windows package 3.20 it’ll install OA 3.20 not 3.0.




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