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Onboard Administrator (OA) module replacement

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Onboard Administrator (OA) module replacement

Ron had an OA module replacement question:




I have a customer with an pre-ROHS C7000 enclosure (412152-B22).  It has been used for parts and currently doesn’t have either OA installed.  They are looking to utilize this enclosure now and want to order the appropriate parts.  I’m looking for verification that redundant OA option (412142-B21) can be used for both of the OA module slots.




From Monty:




The part number 412142-B21 is the original Onboard Administrator option.


The part number 456204-B21 is the newest Onboard Administrator with KVM option and is the recommended purchase as the original module is no longer in production.


Either OA module can be plugged into any c7000 enclosure.




Any other help for Ron?