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Onboard Administrator (OA) "Certificate request" question

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Onboard Administrator (OA) "Certificate request" question

Question from Eriko:




Is there any way to remove “certificate request” when accessing the IP’s Onboard Administration?





From Dan:

You MN the warning the BROWSER gives you about the certificate?
Easiest way for a customer to get this to stop bugging them is to install a trusted certificate from their Enterprise CA.
Otherwise I THINK you can install the default certificate into your machine/browser as trusted and it will stop bugging you on that particular desktop/laptop.  But other machines will still complain.

Reply from Eriko:

Yes, exactly that. We are working in a projecting for consolidating OAs IPs and using BIG-IP for managing/balancing IP’s access. Then I don’t want to fix the issue just for my machine but for all kind of access, I’ve tried to install the certificate at OA (X.509) but I’ve ran into issues and getting error messages stating it doesn’t support this kind of files. 

So any idea or workaround on this will be very appreciated.


Input from Mike:

Uploading the X509 certificate requires that you have generated a CSR for that specific OA , so the keys will match and that the certificate has been signed by a certificate authority. 

OA user guide has more information starting on page 137 –


From Dan:

Does the User Guide say, or anyone know, if we support Wildcard certs?  *


From Monty:

The OA does support using an asterisk in the name field of the certificate request.




Other comments or suggestions?