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Onboard Administrator V3.31 issues

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Onboard Administrator V3.31 issues

Mark was looking for info on a OA upgrade issue:




Any information on the following issue?


1. EBIPA configuration lost after upgrading OA to 3.31




Monty replied:




You did not indicate the previous OA firmware version.


We did have issues with extended configuration info like EBIPA and certificates being lost on reboot of the OA or firmware update prior to OA v3.20.


This issue was fixed in OA v3.20 and documented in the OA Revision History as noted below.

Problems Fixed:


Fixed an issue where the enclosure configuration changes are not saved if the following error messages are in the OA Syslog after a settings change:
   CONFIG: dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions
   CONFIG: Wrong file permissions detected.  Please reset to factory defaults.

  • The workaround is: Save the OA configuration using GUI or CLI before updating the firmware, then restore the configuration after updating the firmware to ensure that the configuration changes are not lost.




Anyone still having issues??  Please follow the procedure above and let us know if you are having troubles.