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Onboard Administrator VLAN Mode disabled after OA Firmware Update

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Onboard Administrator VLAN Mode disabled after OA Firmware Update

Tobias had an OA upgrade issue:




One of my customers is facing an issue with OA Firmware Update from 3.11 to 3.31. The OAs are configured for VLAN 5. After updating the OA firmware they can no longer be accessed/pinged. With a notebook directly connected to the OA you can see that the VLAN configuration is still there but not enabled. Simply setting the Enabled Checkbox re-enables VLAN mode. We see the issue with G1 and G2 Enclosures as well as Original OA and OA with KVM.


HP-CENTER-03> show syslog history 0

Jul  7 16:06:20  Kernel: Network link is up at 1000Mbps - Full Duplex

Jul  7 16:06:21  OA: Time zone changed to CEST-2

Jul  7 16:06:26  OA: LCD Status is: OK.

Jul  7 16:06:27  Enclosure-Link: Service started

Jul  7 16:06:29  OA: Onboard Administrator booted successfully

Jul  7 16:06:30  NTP: Failed to update time/date using NTP

Jul  7 16:06:36  Enclosure-Link: Initial topology scan completed successfully

Jul  7 16:06:37  Redundancy: Service started (ACTIVE)

Jul  7 16:06:40  Alertmail: Unable to connect to "" port 25.

Jul  7 16:06:40  Alertmail: Cannot open

Jul  7 16:06:44  OA: VLAN is disabled

Jul  7 16:06:47  OA: HTTP server is up




From Hoa:




Here is the soluiton for your customer:




Any other help or have you seen this issue?