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Onboard Administrator and SSH public keys

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Onboard Administrator and SSH public keys

Andreas had an Onboard Administrator question:




Hi all,



A customer of mine needs to run scripts via SSH on the OA without logging on with username and password. Using SSH public keys, this is possible for the administrator.

How can the customer implement this for a “normal” user in the OA ? There’s no SSH public key for a user, therefore the user must authenticate with username and password.


Any suggestions ?




Monty had the answers:




The current OA architecture only allows support for the “Administrator” local account to use SSH keys. 


The SSH key support does include uploading multiple keys in the same file upload to the OA, so that several different users can share the “Administrator” local account.


Some of the CLI commands are only available to the “Administrator” local account – including the SSH key commands.



Any other comments or suggestions? Do you have multiple users sharing the "Admninstrator" account?