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Onboard Administrator issue with IP address translation

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Onboard Administrator issue with IP address translation

Eugen was looking to solve a problem:




Hello All,


I having an issue with the OnBoard Administrator.


Our customer is using the following management network  xx.xx.xx.x SubNet Gateway xx.xx.xx.1 

This network is not routable into the  Server environment from HP which is used to administer the enclosures.


WE have put an address translation into place to be able to talk to the OA.


Instead of connecting via https:// xx.xx.xx.x we connect to xx.xx.xx.xx.


This seems to work fine, but as soon as we need to connect to an iLO or a VC module we are stuck.


The browser session initiated on the enclosure points to xx.xx.xx.x, but would need to go to xx.xx.xx.xx.


All config changes I have tried ion the OA do not do the trick – I can’t connect from the OA to any attached module.


If I Telnet (Putty) into the OA I can ping all addresses on xx.xx.xx.x but no https:// is working.


Any ideas on how to approach that.


Any feedback is appreciated!!


Look forward to hearing from you.




Vincent got involved:




Which device is doing the translation between the 2 IP addresses? The OA doesn’t know anything about this address translation, it only knows about the private addresses so that’s what it directs your browser to. What you need is a reverse proxy, or a VPN.




Eugen replied:






Will take that into consideration, have you seen a working environment which uses these kind of set-up?




Vincent responded:




Sure. Just about all the lab gear I routinely access is set up with the c-Class enclosures in a private network, and a DL server with a dual interface, one to the private network, one to HP’s network. I more commonly just do a remote desktop session into the DL, but I’ve also set it up as a VPN server on occasion, works fine. I don’t think I’ve tried the reverse proxy method, but I’m confident it could work too.




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