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Onboard Administrator scripting password changes, etc...

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Onboard Administrator scripting password changes, etc...

Marc had a customer quesiton on the Onboard Administrator (OA):




Hello all,


Do we have an OA scripting guide or tool? The customer is specifically looking to script OA password changes and LDAP settings. He is familiar with the OA CLI commands.. just looking for tips.




Monty replied:




The OA CLI guide should have all the information required.


If you capture the enclosure current settings configuration script – you will see all the script commands needed to configure the enclosure.


One command you would want to add at the beginning is “set script mode on” – see the OA v3.10 CLI Guide page 45.


Notice in the description for this command that you need to add the password argument to each “add user” command – see the “add user” command on page 21.




Are you using the OA scripting capability? If so, what do you use it for?