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Onboard Administrator v. 3.11 "dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions". What does this mean?

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Onboard Administrator v. 3.11 "dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions". What does this mean?

Terri was having an Onboard Administrator problem:




Hello all,


Does anyone know what the following OA system log entries mean? I've now seen this a few times and it does not appear to be a problem.


Nov  1 12:55:03  CONFIG: dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions

Nov  1 12:55:03  CONFIG: Wrong file permissions detected. Please reset to factory defaults




Monty replied:




I am glad you asked!


This is a problem with the OA firmware that we have fixed in the latest OA v3.20 release just posted to the web.


This issue is the first issue listed in “Problems Fixed”.  This error message happens after a configuration change is made and the OA cannot save the change due to a configuration file permission error.  The “Please reset to factory defaults” suggested corrective action would clear up the file permission error – but you would have to save the enclosure configuration prior to the reset to defaults, then restore the configuration after the reset – plus re-enter all the local user account passwords (except the Administrator password).


The workaround in the OA v3.20 release notes is much easier – particularly if you have Virtual Connect – you won’t need to clear VCMODE and reset to defaults.


If you first save the enclosure configuration script, then update to OA v3.20, then restore the saved configuration script, you will be getting all the changes that have been made that are still in the OA memory, since the file permission error messages began – and all the other settings will be preserved.


If you see the “dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions” error message in the OA syslog – then you have this issue and no configuration changes are being saved.  After following the workaround instructions, you can test that the issue is resolved by simply changing one of the enclosure settings like Dynamic Power Savings and examining the active OA syslog.  You should see that the setting was changed without any errors.


Problems Fixed:


      • Fixed an issue where the enclosure configuration changes are not saved if the following error messages are in the OA Syslog after a settings change:
           CONFIG: dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions
           CONFIG: Wrong file permissions detected.  Please reset to factory defaults.
        The workaround is: Save the OA configuration using GUI or CLI before updating the firmware, then restore the configuration after updating the firmware to ensure that the configuration changes are not lost. (1001068477)



Take a look and see if the new Onboard Administrator release fixes any of the issues you may be having.

Martin Patzel
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Re: Onboard Administrator v. 3.11 "dhclient.leases has wrong file permissions". What does



I have another question regarding this issue:


before 3.20 came out I had to reset the OA back to factory defaults and afterwards I had to load the configuration back. Doing that I have been noticed by OA that all interconnects in the blade would have been reset automatically and/or IO would have been interrupted. Ok , this was an (nearly empty) blade center to this issue didn't bother me.


No I have (an other) nearly full blade and I would like to know if IO on the interconnects (SAN, LAN) is interrupted or I get any other interrupt issues regarding the installed servers when I upgrade the OA to 3.21?


Kind regards,