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Onboard Admnistrator (OA) and iLO's on different VLANs

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Onboard Admnistrator (OA) and iLO's on different VLANs

Diane had an Integrated Lights Out (ILO) question:






Has anyone tried the feature that allows you to put the iLO’s on a different vlan than the OA?  I have been trying to get this working on my C7000 w/ 2 OA’s, one active and the other in standby.  Both have the OA  external port connected to ports on a Procurve 2848.  I’ve trunked the two ports and then tag them to a vlan.  I then lose connection to the OA.  I’ve set the OA vlan ID to the vlan I tagged the port switches but that didn’t help.


Any ideas?




Monty, the OA master, replied:




The Active OA module will be passing tagged VLAN traffic into the enclosure and using the Enclosure VLAN settings to determine which VLAN traffic will connect to each of the device bay and interconnect bay ports on the 100Mb management switch on that OA.  The OA management switch port connected to each device or interconnect bay will be set to strip VLAN tags on egress and add the configured VLAN tag to packets from the iLO or interconnect to the OA management switch.  This makes the Enclosure VLAN feature completely transparent to the iLO and interconnects.


Remember that the purpose of this Enclosure VLAN feature is to isolate the traffic from one admin and their managed component from a different admin.  When you configure a server blade iLO to a different VLAN from the OA – the VLAN of admin will only be able to access either the iLO(s) or OA modules with the same VLAN ID.


Virtual Connect modules must always be placed in the same VLAN as the OA modules – since Virtual Connect management requires network access to all the Virtual Connect modules and the OA.




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