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Re: OpenVMS and iLO/Onboard Administrator

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OpenVMS and iLO/Onboard Administrator

Todd was seeing some different behavior at a customer when installing Integrity or ProLiant blades:





I have a customer running OpenVMS on Integrity Blades and they are having the following issue:


They commented that the server names don’t populate for the Integrity servers as they do the AMD/Intel.  Do you know why?  Is there difference in how OA or iLO sees them?

Has anyone expierenced this or know what might be going on?


Thanks in advance for the help!!



Monty replied to Todd:


Yes there are differences in ProLiant and Integrity support for server names.


In the ProLiant servers, the iLO and BIOS have a server name text field that can be edited to show a name.  If the HP OS agents are installed, the agents write the OS server name to a place where the iLO can use in place of the editable text field.


Integrity blades have a different behavior – but I don’t want to misstate that behavior here.


The OA display of server name is based on getting the information from the server iLO.



Are you using both Integrity and ProLiant blades? Any words of advice here?


Ian Miller.
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Re: OpenVMS and iLO/Onboard Administrator

Are you running the WBEM software on the OpenVMS Blade?

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