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Re: P4800 SAS switch IP configuration from EBIPA

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P4800 SAS switch IP configuration from EBIPA

Pierre had a SAS question with regard to the Enclosure Base IP Address (EBIPA)




In a P4800 installation we have an issue with the configuration of the SAS switch. Both SAS switches are configured for DHCP, from the EBIPA the IP address for both SAS switch are and Both switch do get the proper IP but the EBIPA do report and At the beginning we thought that this error is cosmetic, but when you try to discover the device in Insight Control, it causes an issue. The tech who did the installation did try to re-seat the Switch, reset OA etc, nothing did fix the issue.


I would like to know if someone else have seen this issue? Is there a fix or workaround?


A second question on SAS switch, we are able to ping the SAS switch that is Active, but not the standby, is this normal behavior?




Dave replied:




This type of error usually is caused because the assigned IPs are in use by some other device(s).

Can you pull the SAS switches to ping those IPs?


Can you assign other IPs that you know are not in use?


If you change the IP, keep in mind that it can take over 8 minutes to release/assign new address. I usually cycle power from the OA to speed things up(if not in production).


169.254.x.x is an APIPA address that is automatically assigned if the unit cannot reach a DHCP/NAT/EBIPA service.


If you can ping one address, can you browse to that address and see the SAS controller GUI?


Only as a curiosity, is the OA on the network?




Pierre answered:

Thanks for the information.


Yes the OA are on the network.


Then Monty chimed in:

The HP SAS switch actually proxied by the OA and uses a private IP address in the 169.254.x.y range.  EBIPA cannot be used to set or change this address.




Have you seen this behavior? Any comments for the gang?




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Re: P4800 SAS switch IP configuration from EBIPA

A new release of the SAS switch version  will solve this issue.