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Question on Cisco UCS service processor traffic

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Question on Cisco UCS service processor traffic

Ramu wanted to know how Cisco UCS handled its management traffic:




How the UCS manager communicates (which is in 61xx TOR switches) with service processor of each blade server?


Since only connectivity available from 61xx switches and the chassis is through FEX (8* 10Gbps connection), the service processor communication also should be using these links only right?


Please clarify if anyone aware of this.




Monty had some info:

Cisco UCS Manager enclosure and server management traffic is shared on the same physical connections as the server production NIC and HBA traffic.


If the network connections between UCS Manager and the enclosure is broken – then the enclosure and servers cannot be managed.


HP c-Class BladeSystem design offers out-of-band management network connectivity through the Onboard Administrator module – with dual OA redundancy and complete independence from server production fabric connectivity.


Jim also chimed in:

Yes.  In fact the management traffic is always assigned one of the FEX (enclosure) class of service queues using up one of the 4 (actually 3 as one is not used).




Any other comments or questions??