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Question on VCEM licensing

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Question on VCEM licensing

Question from Nick:




Can someone confirm to me that if we have 2 xc7000 enclosures with Flex-Fabric stacked as a single domain we still need 2 VCEM licences (one per physical enclosure regardless of stacked or not)?




Reply from Fred:

VCEM is licensed on a per-enclosure basis. You’ll need a license for each of the enclosures. Stacking makes no difference to license requirements.


There’s additional information on VCEM licensing on pages 9 and 10 of the UG (




And input from Dave:

Another way of thinking about the VCEM licensing is by enclosure serial number.


In the field, if a midplane is replaced, it is a requirement that the serial number be changed to the original.

Especially in the case of VCEM.




Go here for more info:


And the Datasheet: