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Question on assigning of iLO IP address for multiple servers

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Question on assigning of iLO IP address for multiple servers

Question from R.Vijay:




I have a customer who is relocating all their hardware from one location to another. He mentions that a new set of IP’s should be assigned and the old IP’s will not work in their new infrastructure. Customer is asking whether there is a method or script where he can deploy IPs to multiple servers (rack servers) instead of manually logging into each system ilO port which is a time consuming. Cust is not using any HP agents due to policy issues. Can anybody suggest how to implement this.




Input from Dan:

HPLOCFG is a command line tool for pushing iLO XML scripts to remote iLOs.

He could write a script that generates a new XML for each server and then pushes that config out to the server.

However the iLO will of course then become unreachable until the server is moved to the destination location.


Or you can do the opposite.


Even with no Agents, they likely have the iLO CHIF driver as we have worked with MS/RedHat/Suse/etc to have them include this directly into the base OS.

So then they could use the HPONCFG (note the name is slightly different from above) from the OS on each server to push the same XML script down through the driver into the iLO.


 PS: HPONCFG /w myilo.xml will dump the current IP settings which gives you a nice template to change and then re-import with the new IPs.




More from Kelly:

I had worked with a client who was doing a few new racks of DL’s for a Hadoop .  We created a STK USB stick that we booted the systems to – one at a time, it had a “CSV” file with the iLO IPs it should assign, so each system booted with the USB stick (ran a live linux – Smart Scripting Toolkit), then would use the next available IP in the CSV file, assign it to the iLO, then update the CSV file so it wasn’t used again…..  this worked well for new systems  Since they were new, we also set other items like the adv key and a common ilo user ID and password.


For systems where you have a functional OS, I would consider adding the HPONCFG rpm as Dan mentioned, and reconfigure it via the OS.  You could always remove the rpm when done.  It is very small.




And info from Xu Bo:

Hi, is the out-of-band utility, which could be used to change iLO setting of a batch of servers.


Attached is the doc about (page 23).