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Question on iLO status codes

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Question on iLO status codes

Torsten was looking for iLO info:




ILO is showing status codes during early boot on console and on remote console also.


Is there any reference for these codes?





Radi has some info:




There is. Basically this is the iLO port 84/85 codes displayed, which you can check in the Proliant troubleshooting guide and it is part of the system specification .


On gen9 though the specification was changed from previous generations.


In this instance 0114 is an early rom initialization reference code – try switching up to the redundant rom, reflash the BIOS …


If this is for Gen9 check if the health led is not blinking and reference it in the troubleshooting guide for Gen9 – Port 85 with 01 is indicative of a CPU issue.




Reply from Torsten:




Hi Radi,


thanks for your answer.

I did not read the guide for Gen9 so far, but now i take a look into it and it has likely more and better information as the previous versions.