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Question on the ports used by the Onboard Administrator (OA)

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Question on the ports used by the Onboard Administrator (OA)

Meg had a customer OA question:




The issue was when we disabled GUI access for the OA by disabling HTTP/HTTPS, we also disabled the SOAP interface. HTTP by default uses port 80 and HTTPS uses port 443, which apparently is also being used by SOAP.


Can we configure the OA and SOAP to function with the HTTP/HTTPS service disabled on the OA Modules. It does not appear there are any controls for port access on the OA side outside of disabling/enabling specific service types. Off hand, tying the SOAP interface to the industry defined port for HTTPS does not seem to be a good idea, but I assume there was a reason for doing so.




Monty replied:




The OA SOAP service is turned off if HTTP/HTTPS is disabled.




Comment from David:




Since the transport for SOAP is primarily HTTP/HTTPS (, it’s kinda hard to provide a SOAP interface without it…




Any other comments or suggestions?