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Question regarding adding Advanced iLO license.

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Question regarding adding Advanced iLO license.

Question from Mike:




I have a customer that is needing to add the advance ILO license to 64 new blades. Is there an automated way or script to do this. Customer is wanting HP to come out and install the license. Only way I have found is with the browser.




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From Jeroen:

Very simple via OA:

1. telnet or ssh to OA

2. use hponcfg like below  


HPONCFG ALL  << end_marker


<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Dontcare" PASSWORD="UsingAutologin">

<RIB_INFO MODE="write">









XXXXXXX is of course your HP iLO Adv. License key.


Reply from Mike:

Looking at the script how does it know which blade to install license on? Since there are 16 blades per enclosure and each license is different would we still have to touch each blade?


From Chad:

The 'ALL' statement issues the license key on all blades. You should see about getting an Electronic license to deploy the same key:


HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem including 1yr 24x7 Support Electronic License TA851AAE


NOTE: Electronic licenses can be used to purchase multiple licenses with a single activation key


Reply from Mike:

Thanks for the information. 

Checking with the customer to see if ICE registered 16 different activation keys or just one.


From Chad:

And if it is Insight Control, you can deploy them through System Insight Manager (SIM).


Input from Dan:

If you did get 16 licenses rather than 1, just replace “ALL” with “1” for Blade Slot 1 and then duplicate that code block 15 times with the only change in each block being the Bay Number in the HPONCFG line and the Code itself.


With a bunch of codes in Excel you could even use Word and Mail Merge to generate 1 long script per enclosure (I’ve done this myself for a rollout of 22 c7000s back in the day)




Any other input or experiences?