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Question regarding the OA LAN: Is it AutoMDI/MDI-X?

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Question regarding the OA LAN: Is it AutoMDI/MDI-X?

Yoji had an Onboard Administrator question:




Is the LAN port of OA AutoMDI/MDI-X capable ?


I could access to OA via either of cross/straight cable.

So I assume it supports AutoMDI/MDI-X, but I couldn't find any documentation describing it.

Please let me make sure of it.




Monty replied:




Both the original c7000 OA and the c7000 OA with KVM external management port can be configured for fixed speed or auto negotiated speed.


This external management port is designed to be connected to a switch - not an endpoint.


The service port (Link up port) is designed to connect temporarily to a PC endpoint - and is wired to support connection with a straight cable.




So what is AutoMDI/ MDIX anyway?


From Wikipedia:

A medium dependent interface (MDI) port or an uplink port is an Ethernet port connection typically used on the Network interface controller (NIC) or integrated NIC port on a computer. Since inputs on a NIC must go to outputs on the switch or hub these latter devices have their inputs and outputs (transmit and receive signals) reversed in a configuration known as medium dependent interface crossover (MDIX or MDI-X). Some network hubs or switches have an MDI port (often switchable) in order to connect to other hubs or switches without an Ethernet crossover cable, but with a straight-through cable.

Auto-MDIX ports on newer network interfaces detect if the connection would require a crossover, and automatically chooses the MDI or MDIX configuration to properly match the other end of the link.


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