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Questions regarding updating C7000 using Smart Update DVD

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Questions regarding updating C7000 using Smart Update DVD

Phillipe had a question regarding firmware updates:




I’d like to upgrade a complete C7000 by using offline mode.


Questions :


  • Is there a way to connect ISO file to OA without plugging USB key at the rear of the OA ?
    • Network share to avoid going on the C7000 itself ?
    • With the new smart update DVD, how can I have a report of what have been done in the offline mode (automatic mode)  on my blades to give that to the customer ?



Thanks a lot for your answer.




Monty chimed in:




No – the Enclosure DVD feature requires the USB key be plugged into the active OA USB port.


If you have iLO Advanced License, you should be able to directly access each iLO and attach to remote virtual media by configuring the http URL of the ISO on the management network.


I don’t know of any way to get a report of what was updated in offline mode.




Any input on this? Other methods you may have tried?