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RIBCL (Virtual Media) and ILO License for Blade

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RIBCL (Virtual Media) and ILO License for Blade

Patrick had a customer question in the Remote Insight Board Command Line for firmare updates:




I have a customer that needs to update the firmware for about 1500 Blades starting next month (all Intel/Amd based). We have limited access to the data center and I'm trying to automated this process as much as possible. I'm looking to mount the FW DVD iso from a http/ftp server for each Blade. With RIBCL scripting, it looks that you can do that. However, I read somewhere that the Advanced ILO License is required for this functionality to work, even for Blade. Can someone confirm this requirement?




From Arnout:

You need indeed the advanced license. Also for blades.


From Dan:

Correct.  I have done this myself as a customer and you definitely need iLO Advanced.


You can deploy the iLO Advanced via HPONCFG from the chassis/Server OS as well.


I know we have a kind of "site license" for iLOs but I don't know how you actually buy it.




Any other help for Patrick?