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Re: Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) Script Repository

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Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) Script Repository

Tobias had an Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) question:






Do we have an internal or external Script Repository for Rapid Deployment Pack?


-       Proliant Support Pack Installation?

-       MPIO Installation?

-       NIC Teaming?

-       Localized OS?




Arnout had some good info:




You can find a knowledge base here:


But this is just a guide on how to create the scripts.  To my knowledge there is no central internal repository available.




Do you know of such a repository? Let us know?

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Re: Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) Script Repository

Derek and Brad had some additional info:






That's the place indeed to look for those jobs (HP Insight Control server deployment, formerly known as RDP) knowledge base. And specifically for the ones requested:


- ProLiant Support Pack Installation:  KB#20000042. Note:  be sure to set the job's return code settings properly to recognize HPSUM's success values;


- MPIO Installation:  These jobs are now included as of Insight 6.1, see deployment console folders "HP Deployment Toolbox, 4-Software, Install MPIO EVA (or XP) DSM)"


- NIC Teaming:  KB#20000049. Note: this assumes a consistent teaming configuration across all deployed servers.


- Localized OS: KB#2000043