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Recovery of a Virtual Connect Domain

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Recovery of a Virtual Connect Domain

Francesco was looking to recover a VC Domain:




How I can ( if I can….) a virtual connect recovery from a broken VCEM ?

When I try to connect a Virtual Connect, I receive the warning …” managed from VCEM…” but my VCEM is unavailable and I haven’t any backup.

Which procedure I can use for managed virtual connect without a VCEM ? or can I “clean” (on the virtual connect) reference to VCEM ?





Reply from Fred:




This is covered in Chapter 11 of the VCEM User's Guide (UG):


If the preferred method is not possible (for example, if the CMS where VCEM is installed is

inoperable or unreachable from the VC Domain), the Virtual Connect Manager supports

command line interfaces that allow the external manager account to be deleted from the Virtual

Connect Manager and also allow a Virtual Connect Manager to be removed from VCEM


To remove the external manager account:

1. Telnet in to the Virtual Connect Manager using an SSH connection such as SSH, where xxx is the VC Domain IP address.

2. To determine the user name of the external manager account, from the Virtual Connect

Manager command prompt, enter show external-manager. For this example, assume

the user name returned was xyz.

3. To disable the account, from the Virtual Connect Manager command prompt, enter

set external-manager Username=xyz Enabled=false

Perform the following:

◦ To remove the account and release the VC Domain from VCEM control, from the

Virtual Connect Manager command prompt, enter

remove external-manager Username=xyz

mactype=<Factory-Default/User-Defined> MacStart=<> MacEnd=<>

wwnType=<Factory-Default/User-Defined> WwnStart=<> WwnEnd=<>

serverIdType=<Factory-Default/User-Defined> serverIdStart=<>


NOTE: The "-quiet" option is used to suppress user confirmation prompts. This option is useful

for scripting operations. This option is available for VC firmware 2.0x for the disable account,

remove the account, and release ranges commands.

For more information, see the HP Virtual Connect Manager Command Line Interface User Guide





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