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Red Hat cluster fencing agents (fence_ilo and fence_ipmilan) and ILO3..

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Red Hat cluster fencing agents (fence_ilo and fence_ipmilan) and ILO3..

Carlo had a Red Hat question:




Has anyone come across using Red Hat 5.5 OS and clustering fencing agents with ILo3?


I have a customer who has an application which is only supported on Red Hat 5.5 and uses Red Hat Cluster suite for active-passive failover clustering. The OS cluster agent is fence_ilo which is supported

on ILo2 however fence_ilo is not supported on ILo3.


RH OS 5.6 replaces fence_ilo with fence_ipmilan and supports ILo3. Due to the application restriction, we’re unable to upgrade the OS from 5.5 to 5.6. The question is if anyone has used or installed the

 fence_ipmilan agent from RH OS 5.6 in a RH 5.5 OS environment to support the ILO3?




From Jimmy:




fence_ipmilan is in all versions of RHEL 5.x it is located in the cman*.rpm package along with all the other fencing agents


fence_ilo for use with iLO2

fence_ipmilan for use with iLO3


We are working on a fix for fence_ilo so it will work with both iLO2 and iLO3.




Any other comments or suggestions for Carlo? Have you seen this problem and found a solution?