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Redundant Onboard Administrator (OA) IP configuration

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Redundant Onboard Administrator (OA) IP configuration

Rick had a failover question for the Onboard Administrator:






Quick one here. On the Active / Passive scenario for OA, the IP addresses and other IP information for each module is the same ?  In case of failure we just migrate the Active settings to the passive module correct ?




Hoa chimed in:






I think you refer to IP Mode Settings for both OA, one sign on IP for Active/Standby? There is draw back from this configuration. If either Ethernet feeds for both OA loss its connection you will get an alert that the enclosure redundancy is degraded. I can't tell how long the alert timer will kick in as it senses one OA feed is unavailable.




Monty replied as well :




The c-Class BladeSystem Onboard Administrator has two different IP address modes:

   1. Separate IP addresses – OA1 and OA2

         a. For this, the IP Address of the Active OA changes based on which OA module is Active

   2. Enclosure IP address mode: Active OA has a single static IP address, independent of which OA bay is active, Standby OA has second IP address


Hoa has mentioned a different OA setting called Link Loss Failover.  If this setting is enabled on an enclosure with redundant OA modules, and the Active OA Management Port loses link with the customer network, the Standby OA will automatically become the active after the programmable link loss interval.


In all cases of an issue with OA redundancy with both OA installed, the OA Redundancy would be reported as degraded – but enclosure management will still be available and all the interconnects and iLO can be accessed through the Active OA.




Any other comments on the subject?