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Re: Replacing both OA modules

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Replacing both OA modules

What's the correct procedure to replace both OA modules in a c7000 enclosure?


- I assume we replace the standby module first.

- Once the new standby is in place, will the settings sync from the primary to the standby?

- Once done, how do we make the standby the active one in preparation for swapping the active one? Do we just pull out the active and it'll automatically fail over?

- When we put in the 2nd new OA, will the settings sync to it from the new active OA?


Hope someone can give me instructions or point me to documentation.




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Re: Replacing both OA modules

Why replacing both?


However, if you remove the standby first and insert a new module, compare the firmware versions. The settings will be sync'ed if the firmware matches. So do the FW update from the active first (clone). Once this is done, go into the standby menu and select "make the standby active", then proceed with the former primary OA.


Better to update the old modules to a current firmware level before start replacing, if possible.

Hope this helps!

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