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Reset Insight Display PIN

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Reset Insight Display PIN

Himagiri had a customer issue in resetting a PIN:




Could someone please share the instructions to reset the Insight Display PIN on a c7000 enclosure?




Reply from Monty:




The OA  User Guide indicates the OA GUI can be used to set the Insight Display PIN on the Security tab.


Insight Display

All Onboard Administrator GUI users can access the Insight Display screens by selecting Insight Display from

the Tree View or Rack Overview.

The Security tab can lock the Insight Display buttons, set a PIN code, and enable PIN protection.

NOTE: When Onboard Administrator is operating in FIPS mode ON/DEBUG, the PIN

protection cannot be disabled.




From Dan:




Just login to the c7000 Web GUI and turn it off or change it.


If you don't have a valid Admin level account, use the documented procedure in the OA User's Guide to reset the factory password for the Administrator account.





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