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Reset iLO3 fw 1.26 without e-fuse or iLO web interface

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Reset iLO3 fw 1.26 without e-fuse or iLO web interface

Mike had an iLO3 question:




Anyone know how to reset ilo3 when the ilo3 web interface hangs or becomes unresponsive without using the OA e-fuse option - maintain server OS operation? The only option to get into iLO3 is via TELNET access or the Onboard Administrator.




Advice from Dan:




If you change the network settings it should reboot.  You can do something odd like use an XML script to change the subnet mask only.  If you “change” it from the current setting to the exact same setting, it will most likely still trigger a reboot of the iLO (without affecting the server OS)


There might even be an iLO XML command to simply reset the iLO but I haven’t checked in a long time.




Hoa also replied:




You can reset the iLO from using the CLI command. See below:

From the OA CLI:


Connect Server X




Reset map1 ç Reset iLO w/o reboot server.




Any other comments or suggestions?

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Re: Reset iLO3 fw 1.26 without e-fuse or iLO web interface



There is an option to set the factory default settings via OA.


hponcfg bay_number << @


  <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">
    <RIB_INFO MODE="write">




And so all the parameters of ILO is set to factory defaults. It's not neccesary to change the adminname and password in the RIBCL script, because OA is using Single Sign-On solution the reach the ILO.

After this you have to add the admin user and ILO advanced licence if you have, again. 


Mod: And of course the ILO IP address and network, because the IP network is getting back to use DHCP.



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