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SB40c Firmware from the Onboard Administrator (OA)

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SB40c Firmware from the Onboard Administrator (OA)

Jim had a firmware question regarding the SB40c storage blade and OA:




The SB40c Storage Blade firmware is updated from the OA CLI using the UPDATE DEVICE command.  Does anyone have a chart showing what OA firmware contains what SB40c firmware?  Is 2.20 still the latest SB40c FW?




Monty answered:




The OA firmware does include the firmware image for partner blade xMIC microprocessor firmware that controls power and cooling (see the c7000 enclosure tech brief).  The OA CLI is used to view and update that firmware and yes – 2.20 is the latest version of the xMIC firmware on that blade and was introduced in OA v2.25 in August 2008, but is present in all OA versions since that time.


Each partner blade also contains a PCI express card – the SB40c contains a Smart Array controller.  Firmware for those PCI express cards is not managed, nor updated by the OA – it must be updated from the partner server – typically by an HP SUM firmware update component for that specific hardware.




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