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SIM and VCEM Issues post Database Reset

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SIM and VCEM Issues post Database Reset

Hi all,


I did a database reset on a clean insight install of 6.0 (checked and verified) and now have the following problems:


  1.  System and Event Collections are completely empty.  Is there a way to get them back to the default install level. I have upgraded to 6.1 under the vain hope it might repopulate them but no joy
  2. VCEM now sees its database as out of date I believe. Running the insight advisor gives an error getting the product version and the invalid VCEM_VCDOMAINGROUP message.  

Point 1 is most important as VCEM isn't due for immediate use. The problem is I could reinstall the lot if I could uninstall VCEM 6.0 but of course I can't because it isn't properly communicating with its database. The uninstaller thinks it is managing domains which it isn't.

Cheers, Alex


Andrew Eastaugh
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Re: SIM and VCEM Issues post Database Reset

Hi Alex


On face value it looks like VCEM got cut off at the knees when the database was reset.  A couple of questions for you:


1.  Had you already imported any Virtual Connect domains into VCEM before the reset, or is it a default install with no data?


2.  Can you describe the tools and steps you used to reset the database?


Based on what you've explained so far and assuming there is no user data involved, the easiet thing to do may be to blow the install away and redo ..... if that's a viable option.  Otherwise we can try and work out exactly what happened and provide a resolution.


Finally, has this been raised already with HP Support, or just via this forum? 


Best regards









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Re: SIM and VCEM Issues post Database Reset

Hi Andrew,


it was a completely clean install with some basic configuration done but nothing imported. In fact VCEM was only installed for future configuration so no initial domain import.


I'd used the mxinitconfig -r and -a commands and it does seem that they recreate everything but the VCEM entries within the SIM database..  To be fair I wouldn't have used them if the system had been further down the configuration line (bit of trial and error given I thought I'd need to blow away the install anyway).


In the end I just had the system restored from backup which was fortunately in place due to SIM being installed towards the end of the project rather than on day 1.


For me the inconvenience was being unable to uninstall Insight at all due to VCEM issues.  I've had the same on systems where the GUID tables haven't installed first time and the installshield has corrupted so they can't be manually uninstalled.   I am currently leaning towards always using a discrete VCEM install so any issues are totally decoupled from the rest of the Insight installation.


I didn't raise a support call due to having the backup and the early stage of the deployment.


Cheers for the response, Alex