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SUM 5.3.0 firmware deployment questions

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SUM 5.3.0 firmware deployment questions

John was looking for some help when updating firmware:




I’m planning to deploy firmware using SUM 5.3.0 within a Virtual Connect environment in the near future, in the user guide it points to the below conditions when it is advised that you don’t use SUM but to use VCSU:


You cannot use HP SUM to deploy Virtual Connect (VC) firmware if one of the following conditions applies:


  1. If the VC is in one of the following states:


       • Unhealthy VC module

       • Non-redundant VC configuration

       • Not all VC modules are part of a domain


2. If you want to:


       • Manually choose the order of component deployment

       • Back-up the configuration before flashing the VC firmware


3. Downgrade the VC firmware.



Presumably I could check if a VC module was in an Unhealthy state and that it was part of a domain in VCM but is there a quick and dirty way to see if it is in a redundant VC configuration?


Also on point 2, manually choosing the order .....I presume as SUM does the updates concurrently there’s no way to check host access before each module is updated, but if you’ve already checked there is redundancy then does it matter?


.......and backing up the configuration – this could be done manually in VCM prior to using SUM to update the firmware?

We’re going from OA 3.30 and VC 3.18 to version 3.70 .......and hoping I can to go straight to 3.70?




Reply from Mark:




Non-redundant configuration doesn’t have anything to do with the Data network side and whether or not you have teaming or fault tolerance/ failover configurations.

Non-redundant configuration applies to have a valid Checkpoint, meaning that both Primary and Backup have a copy of the database and they =.

If a module is “degraded”, or if checkpoint is “pending” HP SUM VC Smart Component will NOT allow you to firmware update.


HP SUM 5.3.0 uses Odd/Even Activation order so if you don’t have redundancy configured on the data side, you will have an temp outage/interruption. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it though.
With that said, if you do not have redundancy setup to allow for a Odd/Even activation, then using VCSU “serial” or “manual” may be your option to avoid a data side outage.


And yes, backing up VCM database could be done manually before running HP SUM. VCSU firmware updates have the VCM Backup database built in.




Any other comments or questions?