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Server Migration Pack licenses

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Server Migration Pack licenses

Taha wanted to know how to get the Server Migration Pack licenses:




I have a customer who would like to migrate from his existing IBM x86 environment to Hyper-V (P2V) environment on HP Blades.


I am trying to configure Insight Control server migration licenses for his existing nodes, but I am not able to find the right part number in SBW. As per product bulletin, individual SMP licenses are now EOL.


Can someone please advise on how to process with this??




Ramu had some info:




SMP is part of Insight Control Enterprise (ICE), hence no separate SMP license is available. Using ICE license, servers can be migrated to Hyper-V environment. Below is copy from ICE product page from product bulletin.


Insight Control server migration

HP Insight Control makes it easy to upgrade or replace your existing server, or to implement virtualization. HP Insight Control enables you to replicate your well-functioning, but under-performing or over-provisioned server to a new physical or virtual server in an automated, accurate and affordable way.


Key server migration features:


Perform Physical-to-ProLiant (P2P), Virtual-to-ProLiant (V2P), Physical-to-Virtual (P2V), or Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) migrations from a single integrated user interface

Supports Migrations from any x86/x64 server regardless of vendor to the latest HP ProLiant or BladeSystem server technologies

Source can be any x86/x64 server with a supported OS or a supported VM-type

Destination can be a supported HP ProLiant or BladeSystem server or a supported virtual machine

Heterogeneous virtualization platform support: Ability to migrate between virtualization platforms; VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V

Automates the migration of the OS, application and data from an existing physical server or virtual machine to a new ProLiant server or virtual machine. Manual steps required to do the migration are eliminated. Automatically install the latest PSP when migrating to a ProLiant server (P2ProLiant or V2ProLiant).




Any other questions or comments?