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Setting ILO IPs on 128 servers

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Setting ILO IPs on 128 servers


installing a new cluster, 128 nodes xl225n with apollo 2000 chassis.  I have to assign 128 nodes ILO static IPs in a timely manner.  What are my options?  I use to work a lot with D..l servers and there is a iDRAC direct usb port in the back.  I did configure 100 IP addresses with one hour in the past.

Seems like xl225n has no such option.


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Query: Setting ILO IPs on 128 servers

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Re: Query: Setting ILO IPs on 128 servers

I could add that I have access to APM and Oneview.  CAn the IPv4 ILO setup be done from APM?  or from Oneview?

I don't wanna setup 128 ILO IP one by one, will take forever!!

Thanks for your answer