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Setting the correct serial and product number ?

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Setting the correct serial and product number ?

Khikhuch had an asset tracking issue:




Hi Team !


I need to correct serial and product numbers on a large number of bl2x220 g6 servers.

Do we have some tools/scripts/ideas to do it quickly   ?


I did not find anything about serial number setting in SmartStart Scripting Toolkit guides.


PS: This is HPC cluster with RedHat 5.x and HP CMU.




David has a solution:




This is for Asset Tag but the same would apply to serial number:





Khikhuch replied:




I used conrep utility from SmartStart scripting toolkit to deploy BIOS settings on each server, but I can not find correct xml script or profile for changing serial number and I have no experience to write my own xml script.  




Jimmy responded:




The Red Hat utility tool Conrep can set those fields. I have the XML syntax tucked away somewhere. Let me find and send.




Any other help for Khikhuch?