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Some blade G7 ILO's failing

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Some blade G7 ILO's failing

Ronald had some problems with upgrading iLO3 on some G7 blades.




Has anyone had issues scripting ILO3 configurations?  


We are trying to automate a new server build for a customer and have just moved from the G6s with ILO2 to the G7s with ILO3 and are having an issue where the hponcfg.exe is not configuring the settings from the hpilo_config.xml file.   Should the hpocfg.exe work for the ILO3 as well as the ILO2 or is there another method we should be using to script the ILO3 configuration?




James came to the rescue:




You will need to get the latest hponcfg.exe utility available for iLO 3 at  The latest utility supports both iLO 2 and iLO 3 with the same RIBCL scripts.


Here is a link you can use:




That should help. G7's are still pretty new.