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Specific Steps for adding OA 3.55 hotfix as repository

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Specific Steps for adding OA 3.55 hotfix as repository

Scott was looking for help to a customer problem:




I have a short notice request.  My customer is trying to add the OA 3.55 hotfix as repository in HP SUM (to supplement latest SPP), but is having trouble:


“Scott…I’ve downloaded hpoa355.bin OA firmware upgrade from the website, added the repository to HP SUM, and when I view the contents of the repository it does not show that it contains 3.55.  The contents shows it contains “Smart Update Firmware DVD Supplemental Update/Online HP BladeSystem c-Class Onboard Administrator Firmware Component for Linux, 3.50”.  Is there somewhere else I need to look to verify that the OA will be upgraded to 3.55?”


Can anyone provide some discrete steps for doing this?  I would download myself and start playing with it, but customer is trying to do chassis firmware today.  Thanks!




Help came from Chad:




The Linux and Windows versions of the update should be downloaded and placed into /hp/swpackages then add the new EXE and SCEXE names into bp001310.xml. I don’t think has changed from the FW DVD update process. I think the Linux version is cp016827.scexe where the Windows version is cp016828.exe


But this would need to be done with an ISO editor like UltraISO to make sure it stays intact (bootable)




That was what Scott was looking for. Any other questions?