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Re: Strange OA iLO error

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Strange OA iLO error

We have two c7000 Blade chassis, a Primary and one Linked within OA management.


We (or rather our Networks Team) have done some reconfig work on the network switches in the Primary Chassis (4 x HP/CISCO 3020's)


Since then, we are unable to create an iLO connection to any of the Blades in the Linked Chassis. We get the following error:


The page content could not be properly loaded. The following reason was reported:


  • Method 'hpoa:getVlanInfo' not implemented: method name or namespace not recognized


If we connect directly to the OA in the linked Chassis, we can create an iLO session OK, so it seems to be a problem with the link between the Chassis.


Has anyone got any idea where to start looking for the cause of this?

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Re: Strange OA iLO error



How did you get on with this error? Ive just encountered the exact same error connecting to one of my C7000's...