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System Insight Manager (SIM) Question

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System Insight Manager (SIM) Question

Dave had a SIM question:




We are installing VCEM for a site using their external SQL Database.

The Database Administrator would like to know what the minimum user access rights will be needed after the install is done.

He has given us Administrative rights with create access.


Can the user be changed to user or some lower level of access?


Does the user only need read write after the install is done?




From Fred:




Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) would have the same requirements as SIM for database access.


The SIM Release Notes: says the following:


During HP SIM installation, the database credentials must have SQL administrator access with

dbowner rights. After installation, these rights can be reduced.


I’m not sure where the “reduced” rights are actually listed. I have some notes from SIM folks that db_datareader and db_datawriter should be sufficient once SIM has been installed. Notes indicate an exception for gWLM who needs db_owner.




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