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Update Firmware in Servers then Update Enclosure ?

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Update Firmware in Servers then Update Enclosure ?

Todd was looking to advise a customer:






If ,due to change control, a customer is required to update the Blade related FW in the following order what guidance can we provide to them?


He wants to update the Server Blades, over a span of a few weeks in the same Enclosure.


Bl460c G1’s from ROM to Set FDT 1.70

BL680c G5’s from ROM to Set FDT 1.70


Then, a few weeks later he’ll be able to update the OA and VC.


Given that the Best Practice is to update the OA, Blades then VC would HP support updating the Blades first..then down the road the OA and the VC?




Eirik and Mike responded:




Eirik's advice: 

Hi Todd.


I do a lot of blade firmware updates, and my procedure is always :


Blades -> Onboard Administrator -> Virtual Connect.


Anyways, 1.70 FDT is pretty old, and there might be some additional critical updates that you should include also.


Then Mike answered: 

A lot of these scenarios are covered in the blade firmware management best practices guide:




Comments? Your experiences?