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Updating the Proliant blades firmware via USB key on Onboard Administrator

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Updating the Proliant blades firmware via USB key on Onboard Administrator

Ramon had an customer update issue:




I have a customer trying to do an update of the Proliant Blades BL465 G1 servers on a c7000 enclosure with and OA fw of 2.41. He wanted to use the USB port on the active OA using a FAT32 formatted USB key and placed there the Smart Update 9.30 DVD iso image. However, he couldn't seem to see that iso image from the DVD tab when viewed from the Device Bay list of the OA login.


This procedure seemed to have worked fine on others but not on this one. Does it have anything to do with the old OA firmware? Or any other issue that might be causing this?


I would appreciate any inputs.




Hoa had a suggestion:




OA 2.32 and later will support below enhancement for DVD/ISO.       Plug in the USB key contents ISO image first give it a minute or two then log on OA go to “Enclosure Settings” > DVD > Connect.     It should work.      



Functional Enhancements:

  • To support the Enclosure Dynamic Power Capping feature, OA v2.32 has the following requirements:
    • Requires iLO v1.70 and iLO Select License.
    • On ProLiant blade servers, requires System ROM dated November 2008 or later. On the BL680c, requires 2008.09.23 or later.
    • To function properly across linked enclosures, all linked enclosures are required to be updated to OA v2.30 or later.
  • Added USB Key Support to all HP c-Class BladeSystem Enclosures
    • New OA CLI commands to support showing *.BIN, *.CFG and *.ISO files on USB key and connecting to servers
    • *.BIN file on USB key for OA firmware update
    • *.CFG file on USB key for OA configuration save/restore
    • New Insight Display USB Menu screen providing OA firmware update or OA configuration save/restore
    • *.ISO files on USB key for CD/DVD image files to be connected to servers
    • Blade OS installations can be run directly from an ISO file on a USB key which eliminates the need to burn physical CD/DVD media and allows each blade to access different ISO files.
    • HP BladeSystem Firmware Deployment Tool maintenance CD can be used directly from the .ISO file on a USB Key without burning a physical CD.
    • Enhanced OA GUI Enclosure DVD support including connecting *.ISO files on USB key to servers



Other help for updating firmware and using the USB key for Ramon??