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Upgrading Onboard Administrator bios using RADIA

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Upgrading Onboard Administrator bios using RADIA

Lee had a customer question:




I have a customer who will use RADIA to deploy firmware updates and has a couple of questions, if someone is able to assist please:


I'm having a problem working out how to upgrade the Blade Onboard Administrator Bios using RADIA and the Bios of DL380.


I need confirmation on the switches to use against ROMPAQ.exe. ( I think it’s 'Rompaq /U /P UserLogonPassword.bin')

Also I can't work out how to create and use an encrypted xx.bin file for the exe to get hold of User Logon Password

Blade On Board Administrator

I need to know how to automate running the of the EXE 'oaupgrade.exe' with it automatically getting the OA IP address, Firmware filename, OA User name and Password.

Perhaps you have an example or best practice for this update through Radia? is it even possible?




Monty had some answers:




For questions 2 and 3 below, maybe this will help:


2 – updating the iLO firmware with RIBCL cannot be done with a simple script.  If you follow the instructions in the iLO Scripting Guide, you will see you need to stream the iLO firmware file in the RIBCL command on the fly, using a utility like PERL.  Yes, you will need an iLO administrator name and password to update the iLO firmware – and these credentials can be unique for each iLO.


3 – updating the Onboard Administrator may not be possible from a server blade, unless that server blade has a NIC connected to the same management network as the OA – which is not a default network configuration.  Yes you will need an OA administrator user name and password to update the OA firmware - and these credentials can be unique for each OA.


Updating the iLO firmware on server blades in an enclosure and the OA firmware by logging into an OA with an OA administrator account is much easier using the OA CLI commands “update iLO” and “update image” commands and providing management network URLs for the two firmware images.




Other thoughts or suggestions?