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Upgrading the system ROM on BL465c G8 in C7000 chassis

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Upgrading the system ROM on BL465c G8 in C7000 chassis



I'm lacking some fundamentals or missing some basic step so I'm looking for help.


What I'm trying to do: I'm trying to upgrade the firmware of Gen8 BL465c servers housed in a C7000 chassis remotely.

The blades are running Centos 6.4. The docs I read suggested the best way forward was to use HP SUM.


What I did: I downloaded the latest SPP




mounted it from a MS Windows PC and lauched the hpsum application. I updated the repositories, added the OA IP address of the C7000 as a target, HP SUM discovered it and auto discovered the blades. It added them to the database by their OA IP address. So far so good. I then entered the credentials and attempted to upgrade ...well, everything that needed upgrading. After installation, the HP iLO version of the OA  was upgraded to 4.01 however HP SUM could not upgrade the blades because - see the attachment. The component listed as failing is the file "3.bin" (Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP Integrated Lights-Out 4". The iLO error in the log was "THe specified URLs for binary files can not be accessed from ILO[4]"


I tried installed the MCP utilities on one of the blades however this did not make a difference(or I didn't configure it correctly). Any advice or guidance appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Upgrading the system ROM on BL465c G8 in C7000 chassis

SPP 2014.02 was just released.  You could try that.  Note that the HP SUM interface has been updated as well.


However, you can apply the system iLO and ROM updates from the server's iLO interface directly.  You would need to download the firmware packages for this server model from HP first:


Access the iLO webpage and locate the section for firmware.



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