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VCSU 1.8.1 .man file type???

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VCSU 1.8.1 .man file type???

I saw lots of discussion regarding why downloaded files over the web appear with a .man extension and can't be recognized by a Windows OS.


Here is what Mark found out:




This is a HP download page issue.


When you download an MSI file (VCSU for Windows) using Internet Explorer, IE wants to save it as a MAN page. In looking, the webserver is sending back the header “Content-Type: application/x-troff-man” for the MIME type for MSI files. This is incorrect, it should be “application/octet-stream”.

I reported this to HP/GSC on 8/26 and they said 2-10 days to fix. I said even if I told you how to fix it? I guess so cause it is still broken.

You are correct that you can use some other browsers and you will be okay and/or just rename it.




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