VCUTIL issue

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VCUTIL issue

Bob had a customer problem when using the VCUTIL from remote users:



We have a large customer who is suffering issues with VCUTIL (collect, configbackup & healthcheck). They are running it over a VPN connection and then using terminal services.


The problem presents in 2 ways:


1) definate timeout issues

2) restarting the command window establishes the remote connection and allows the command to run successfully


They're getting about a 30- 40% success rate for establishing a connection which is a significant issue when the support staff are remote from the hardware


Has anyone seen this before, or can make any suggestions please?


Connecting locally within HP works perfectly, and we're hoping to demonstrate that next week on the customers site by connecting directly to the OA, but I am expecting the customer to ask us to fix their remote connection issue...



Mark had a response for Bob:



This is due to the fact you have “Strong passwords” set in the OA and the random password  generated by vcsu is not “Strong” thus when VCSU ask the OA to create the user called vcmuser-vcsu with a password that is not strong, this occurs. This has nothing to do with a VPN connection or terminal services, etc…


013788 (1) vcsu.cpp[8570] Unable to add user


Sometimes when you run VCUTIL, a strong password could be generated which goes along with what you say They're getting about a 30- 40% success rate , thus it works.

Also when you say “Connecting locally within HP works perfectly”…that just tells me the OA in that enclosure is not set to “Strong Passwords”… That is why it works every time.


My suggestion…Turn off Strong Passwords on the OA and see if you ever experience the problem running VCSU.



Have you experienced this? Any other suggestions?